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7 Tips To Help You Find The Right Construction Contractor

Last Updated: March 12th 2021
From: Moses Lake, WA

 It’s no secret that finding the right construction contractor is vital to guaranteeing success in your residential or commercial construction project. Countless people have had negative experiences with their past projects because they didn’t take the time to ensure they were working with a proven, reliable contractor.


This could perhaps be because qualifying a contractor is not that simple, but we are here to assist in this tedious but necessary process. Here are a few points to consider when deciding who to partner with for your dream project:

1) Make Sure They Are Licensed & Insured

First and foremost, ensure your prospective construction contractor has their licenses and permits to show you they are qualified to complete your project while complying with the respective local regulations, saving you headaches from potential fines and even lawsuits. In addition, confirm they are insured and ask for a copy of their insurance policy so that you are aware of what is covered in case of any accidents.


2) Verify Reputation

What better way to certify the quality of a general contractor’s work than to hear it from past clients? If available, read through the contractor’s reviews on google, facebook, yelp, etc. Keep in mind that multiple bad reviews should raise a red flag, but a single negative review or comment doesn’t necessarily paint a full/accurate picture of any business. At times, good construction companies may not have a strong online presence, but if you can verify their work through word of mouth, that may be enough.


3) Sign A Thorough Contract

Contracts should not be overlooked since this is what protects you and your contractor legally, so always make sure one is created and signed. In it, details such as deadlines, payment agreement, scope of work, exact materials, etc, should be established. If the contract should be amended because a feature is being added or a product changed, it should be done through a written change order. 


4) Plan Before Requesting Estimates

It’s important to note that to deliver an accurate estimate, a construction contractor needs to understand your project in as much detail as possible. With that being said, to avoid headaches and false promises, do your research first, and once you know exactly what you want and what materials you want to use start looking for a reliable contractor.


5) Consider Availability

Availability of a construction contractor can vary widely based on location and time of the year. Though not always the case, generally, a good contractor will be booked a few weeks/months ahead, so be prepared to wait for quality work.


6) Budget Conservatively 

Always be prepared to spend at least 10% of what is estimated because your contractor simply can’t see through walls and more often than not, surprises arise so make sure to budget conservatively.


7) Understand Bids

This is a key step in your selection process. Choosing the right bid is tricky since in an ideal world you would only pay for the best work for the cheapest price, right? Well, just be aware that price is often a reflection of the quality of work, and experience you will have. Low bids are often eye-catching, but are also often a trap. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “If it’s too good to be true, it’s because it probably is”, so just take that into consideration as well as the points we touched upon above when choosing who will be assisting in your dream project. 


8) Bonus Tip: Schedule A Consultation Below

Nova Construction LLC serves Moses Lake and surrounding areas, and we are committed to guaranteeing you are delighted with our process and quality of work, as well as keeping you informed at every stage of the project ensuring we don’t overwhelm you. Hear it from our past clients:


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