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Whether you need complete interior or exterior paint finish, our team is excited to bring your project to life. Some of our services include application of PVA, stain blocking, bonding, and mold prevention/remediation primers. Painting over wood fencing, decorative beams, concrete and some stucco is not a problem.

How is the cost of my painting project calculated and why do the bids I have received have such big differences in price?

There are several factors that affect the price of a painting project including, but not limited to quality of paint, amount of work needed to ensure protection of furniture and belongings, number of colors, surface preparation needed, size and type of area to be painted, etc. 


Requesting proposals from two or three trusted painting contractors to get a rough idea of the cost can be helpful, but always take into consideration that price is only one of the factors, and it should be balanced with quality of work and materials, which explains discrepancies between bids.

How long will my painting project take?

Timing generally depends on the type of work you are looking to have done, condition of surfaces being worked on, weather (if exterior work is needed), and our schedule.


During the time of your consultation, we can give you an estimate of the time it will take based on these factors.

Do I have to be on the premises while my project is going on?

Nope. Some of our clients will stay, but you can feel safe and free to run errands since our team will keep just painting and we are licensed and insured.


How long will my exterior paint job last?

Ideally, an exterior surface would need to be repainted every five to ten years, but the type of surface should be taken into consideration. For example, wood tends to contract and expand based on temperature, making it easier for the paint to become loose faster. On the other hand, paint can keep its integrity longer on stucco. Something to note is that you should not wait until the paint is clearly peeling because this will lead to needing more preparation work, meaning a higher cost.


How do I keep my exterior paint job well maintained?

We recommend pressure washing exterior paint at least once a year to mitigate dirt accumulation on the surface. Also, you should actively be looking out for cracks, paint chalking, and water damage on these surfaces.

How do I keep my interior paint job well maintained?

The best way to keep your interior surfaces looking their best is by removing dirt on a regular basis to ensure that it doesn’t stick permanently to the paint. When you have tough-to-remove stains be sure to start with a mild cleaning solution and gradually escalate to more harsh ones to avoid jeopardizing the integrity of your paint. Also, be sure to thoroughly remove any cleaning solution residue because it could affect how effective your next coat of paint will be.

What are the different types of finish I have to choose from?

There are several types of finish which are differentiated by how reflective they are. From most most reflective to least reflective, these are the types of finish you have to choose from:

  • High Gloss 

  • Semi Gloss 

  • Satin 

  • Eggshell

  • Matte


What are the pros and cons of higher sheen (light reflectivity) finishes?


  • Less prone to damage from high humidity

  • More stain and wear resistant

  • Stay clean longer


  • Make imperfections more noticeable 

  • More preparation work before repainting

  • Harder to touch up


What are the pros and cons of lower sheen (light reflectivity) finishes?


  • Less preparation required prior to painting

  • Do not highlight imperfections

  • Look more uniform because light reflects more evenly

  • Easier to apply & not as much preparation work before repainting


  • Not as stain resistant

  • More prone to being damaged from humidity


Should my painting project involve latex or oil based paint?

There are a couple things to consider here. Oil paints give a smoother look and are easier to wash, but contain fumes that could be a burden when working with interior paint and doesn’t have much elasticity. On the other hand, latex based paints are not as harmful to the environment and preserve elasticity which is better for places where weather tends to change drastically, but they are harder to wash and don’t look as smooth as oil based.


Does the paint contractor I choose matter?

YES. There are many things to consider when deciding what painting contractor will be working on your home or business. You can save yourself much headache and money if you choose the right one. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about us and tell us about your project!

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