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Do I Need A New Roof?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021


A roof is the most important part of your home. It provides protection from the elements, and it can help insulate you during winter months or keep you cool in summer. But all roofs eventually need to be replaced, and that moment might come sooner than you think. Identifying this at the right time is just as important as choosing the right type of roof for your needs and knowing what time of the year is best to replace it.

If you're unsure whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, here are some signs that will help you make the decision!

Signs Your Roof Might Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

There are several things to look out for when it comes to figuring out the state of your roof, so let's dive into them.


If you notice blistering but don't think you've had any leaks recently or still have some good-quality roofing screws on hand, consider going up on your roof with a ladder or stepping stool to examine more closely for dry rot spots which could indicate an underlying issue like rafters that have really deteriorated and now croak when wet as a result of working as sponges to collect water runoff.

Ceiling stains

If your roof is damaged, ceiling stains can appear because water is leaking into your ceiling below and pooling. Look for them around the perimeter of the room, at vents, in corners or near where a roof meets an outside wall. It is important that you identify these as soon as possible because this could cause mold and much greater damage.

Decking Decay

Also known as sheathing decay is the term for when the foundation of your roof which is plywood starts to rot from water seepage. This can happen when there are leaks in your roof, or holes in your roof decking. The result of the decay is an unsightly mess that will either need to be repaired (with new sheathing) or replaced.

Damaged Shingles

On shingle roofs, damage to shingles is one of the most common reasons for replacing a roof. Shingles that are found on a roof will naturally wear down in areas where there are more bumps and bends, and as the shingles become older, they may also become brittle and break. Damage can be caused by anything from fires to strong winds; some of which can be prevented with other strategies, like planting trees near your house or building a windbreak of some sort.

How Long Does A Roof Last For Before It Needs To Be Replaced?

Most roofs need to be replaced after 10-12 years. After that many years of exposure to the elements, you'll start to notice a change in the protection, insulation, and appearance of your roof. It's important to know when it's time for a new roof.

Why Roofs Need To Be Replaced

It is important for roofs to be replaced because if they are not, that will result in more severe and deeper damage to other parts of your home, which can lead to a many unwanted problems. For example, if the walls are damaged because of a leak, mold and mildew will start growing. This is problematic because the mold can damage wallpaper, paint and windowsills. Other problems that could occur are discoloration of drywall or wood ceiling beams due to water dripping on them over time.

This all leads to deep water damage, and trust us, you don't want to be victim to the real consequences water damage can have. So be sure to inspect your roof at least once every 3 months.

What Should I Do If My Roof Needs Repair Or Replacement?

Your roof is leaking, and it's not a good look.

You know that you need to get your roof repaired or replaced, but the thought of doing this can be overwhelming. It seems like there are so many different options for how to go about repairing or replacing your roof - do you hire a contractor? Do you buy materials yourself? What should you do first?

We're here to help! Nova Construction provides residential and commercial construction services in Moses Lake WA. Whether it's repair or replacement, our goal is always to provide high quality service. If you would Nova Construction to assist you in your journey, please do not hesitate to reach out. To schedule a consultation give us a call at (509) 361-8697 or fill out our online form and we will reach out soon!


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