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The roof is one of the most important components of your home or business facility - after all, it protects your from harsh weather conditions and must be installed properly, otherwise rain and snow could seep through and ruin other important components. If you haven't replaced your roof in more than a decade, it would be worth inspecting whether you need to or not. Let the professionals at Nova Construction assist you in your journey!

What will an entire new roof system cost?

Roof system prices vary considerably based on several factors including, labor rates, the roofing contractor in charge of the project, home or building location, choice of materials, and so on. Consider requesting proposals from two or three trusted roofing contractors to get a rough idea of the cost, but always take into consideration that price is only one of the factors, and it should be balanced with quality of work and materials.


What are my options when it comes to re-roofing?

This one is easy, there are only two options. You can either have your roof system entirely torn off and replaced, or you can re-cover your already existing roof which is a fraction of the work, meaning a fraction of the price, but there is a caveat to this; more often than not, a roof can only go through the re-covering procedure once before it needs a full replacement again.


How long will my roof system last?

A roof’s lifespan varies widely depending on several factors such as local climate, correct roof and building design, quality of material and application, as well as proper roof maintenance. However, generally, roof systems should last about 20 years, with some types of roof lasting even longer.


How can I recognize if my roof has problems?

A safe bet is to schedule at least two or three inspections a year to avoid deep and serious water damage. Even without being a roofer yourself, these inspections could expose damaged flashings, loose seams, granules of shingles affecting gutters, and other indicators of roof issues. Things to look for inside your home or building are cracks on paint, wallpaper peeling, etc.


If my roof is leaking, do I need to replace it entirely?

Well, it depends. Sometimes leaks can be a product of loose flashings or just a part of the roof being damaged. An entire roof failing generally results from unprofessional choice of materials and/or installation. A licensed roofer would be qualified to assess your particular case.


Can I do the project myself?

As mentioned above, you should inspect your roof by looking out for cracked or missing shingles, clean your gutters, etc. However, most of the work should be done by a professional roofing contractor since they are trained to properly and safely repair and replace roofs. If you, or someone who is not a licensed professional go ahead with the repair or replacement, you could damage your roof system, or fall through/off the roof and risk an injury.

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