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Protect your home, and boost curb appeal!

Your siding can be considered the most important and appeal boosting feature of your entire home. It is a crucial curb appeal component and showcases your style. Aside from looks, siding protects your home's structure. So when your siding is damaged, it doesn't just reduce home value because of the way it looks, it also allows for moisture to penetrate your home structure and damage it. We offer general Repairs, vapor barrier, new Installation, section repair, caulking, pressure washing, and work with metal, LP And cement board and more.

How do I know if my siding is bad?

If you notice gaps in seams, damaged caulking, loose lamination/boards, damaged paint, fungi, or moisture inside home/building, these could be signs that it is time to re-side.


Why do I have to re-side?

Not only do your home’s aesthetics matter, but it could dramatically lower your maintenance costs preventing inside damage from rain or snow. Siding is cost effective, considering it protects from sometimes unbearable cold or hot.


Can my siding project affect the walls from the inside?

Though it doesn’t actually affect the walls, we do recommend removing anything that is fragile off and from next to the wall since there will most likely will be pounding on these from tools like any other job.


Will the work area be messy during my project?

Yes, things will get dusty and dirty. This industry is messy, & before we can bring your wonderful vision to life, it will be a construction zone. However, we will respect your property & clean the traffic areas and workspace daily.


How do you communicate with me during my project?

Throughout the project, we will give updates its status regularly, we want to give you answers before you even think of the questions. After you accept our bid, we will discuss a schedule you can hold us accountable for.

Do you use subcontractors?

We do employ subcontractors and we also have hourly employees on our payroll. However, there is nothing to worry about, as these are people we have worked with plenty in the past and have our hard earned trust and admiration as well as they are insured and licensed. For some, we are their main source of employment since we keep their calendar full.


How long will my siding project take?

This is something that will be touched upon at our on-site consultation with you. Nova Construction’s policy is to keep at your project until completed once we get started.


How much will my siding project cost?

Project costs vary depending on budget and requirements. Once our consultation is finished, based on details gathered then, we will be able to provide you with a quote estimation. After that, we will gladly address your questions/concerns & explain our estimate in detail. Something to note is that there is no obligation.

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